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I’m 70 Years old and my wife of 47 years is 77, and has run a Home Daycare for 52 years now and continues with 2 helpers. I was born and raised on a farm, worked in the fields and maintained the equipment along with my father and grandfather until my late teens.

I then went to work in the Steel mills in northwest Indiana. From there I went to Purdue Univ. AD in Industrial Maintenance and Supervision. Through the years I have worked as a heavy equipment operator and master mechanic, drove a semi truck for a short time, was a Director of Maintenance, a Mobil Equipment Manager and Maintenance Superintendent, and somewhere in all of this managed to get involved in computers. I started my own little sales and service company, built it up to a 14 employee service and sold it in 2002.

Then I got involved in Rental Properties, unfortunately that’s where everything went straight downhill. I have a bad habit of trusting people and taking them for their word, after 10 years I lost over $750,000.

To this end is where I come to get into eCommerce and affiliate marketing. I’ve been looking and working with web sales for several years and like 80% of the people looking to make a living at it have lost several thousands of dollars on so called professional help so, I have decided to investigate companies that promote eCommerce programs to supposedly help people make their Millions.

This could get butt ugly but at this point, I DON”T CARE! I’m sick and tired of people being taken advantage of and in some way hope that I can alleviate a lot of the expense, aggravation and stress that hardworking individuals like me go through.

So please bear with me as I plow through the forest of programs and attempt to Drain The Swamp of deceit and greed perpetuated by some of these companies.

My first “ACCEPTED” company is Wealthy Affiliate. With their awesome training and support it is an incredible place to start and grow as you move forward in your on-line marketing endeavor’s

In the mean time, If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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